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Why So Much Tax Money Is Wasted

Lawdeedaw says...

Um, I don't think that was Bob's or Milkman's point. And the point is all that matters because the fact that America is fucked up is irrelevant. Just as saying country A is okay so all government will not fall into the trap.

Fact is EVERY government since the start of mankind has fallen into this trap. Some take longer than others, and there are insulating features (such as nations that are sheltered by natural terrian, those with rich resources, those with low populations, and those that have never had a TRULY meaningful impact on the world but just kinda get by.)

America's problems are myriad but I think it's because they won too much in the last century and are about to fall, as any great boxer has.

Edit added later:

And no, most other governments are not. Russia, China, North Korea, many South American nations, Mexico, the Middle East, all those examples are not minor. Now you could say "many" governments.

ChaosEngine said:

Oh, the government in the US is fucked, undoubtedly.

It needs major change. Most other countries are not that bad though.

Why the Electoral College Ruins Democracy

Lawdeedaw says...

Swing states have nothing to do with the electoral college as much as they do with other rules set up that determine when they are held. You could have this in a system that lets other states vote first but goes off the popular vote. His idea that winner-takes-all, however, is correct when it points out how dumb that shit is

The Science of Boobs

How To Hit A Fastball (according to science!)

How Risky Are Vaccines?

Lawdeedaw says...

My vaccines were 1/10,000. That one nearly killed me. Not saying this incident is a reason to not vaccinate. I disagree. Even if it does kill people we need to still vaccinate people.

The War on Science

Lawdeedaw says...

Galileo was sentenced to house arrest because he was a dickhead...the official "reason" they used was null because the church was starting to come around to the idea of the science...however, coming around should not be implied to be "close to being accepted..." Worlds apart...

Man Schools New York State Trooper On The Law !

Lawdeedaw says...

"Until there is legislation on it..." which even the cameraman agrees there is NONE...there will be a lot of misinformation. You do realize that the laws change, and that the changes are not passed on universally? Even legislators rarely know the implications.

A good example was the killing of Trevon Martin. People didn't understand Stand Your Ground, cops or otherwise. They arrested an innocent man (even if he is a murdering piece of shit) and broke the law by doing so. Even smart people on the Sift were so stupid they thought he would be found guilty...and these people were supposedly educated on that particular law they were commenting on. I called it, and guess what happened? Oh yeah...

So suffice to say laws are more nuanced than the officers. Now you could argue that cops must know everything all the time (Which you are implying here, but not on is so subtle in society we don't even know we do it, including me) but then that is what a Sergeant is there for. No legislation out? Okay, hey, there's your boss, lets ask him.

Should the officer know as much as reasonably possible? Absolutely--me and you agree 100%. But nobody knows half the laws, and the half they know are subjective...

Also eric, you do realize there are people who are ungrateful that this was peacefully resolved? Such as the for profit corrections system, cop-haters, and many other groups.

eric3579 said:

IMO The cop not knowing the law (his job) and harassing someone based on his ignorance is a hundred times more pathetic and disgusting then a dude (who was just harassed by a police officer) venting a bit which yes,seemed a bit childish. In the end thankfully everyone walks away hopefully a bit wiser.

The Importance of CPR

Lawdeedaw says...

Actually, hands free cpr is now taught. Not rescue breath. You are right about the rest.

worthwords said:

good message but it was all wrong. In children you start with a rescue breath and then chest compressions. The compressions shown here were too slow and no where near deep enough to generate circulation and it's not useful to give such a gentle image as it might stop people giving proper compressions in future.

In reality it's vigorous and its not unusual to get rib fractures as a result.

The Importance of CPR

The Importance of CPR

Man Schools New York State Trooper On The Law !

Lawdeedaw says...

I can agree up until the cameraman proves he was a flaming dick when he spoke like a flaming dick to the supervisor. The bait didn't work, and you could tell the troll was raging inside. Last little jabs he could make were pathetic.

Oxen_Morale said:

Yes, but the first officer did seem to have the bully attitude. I think the filmer did his job well. Supervisor was excellent. Hopefully the 1st officer won't go on a ticket tirade to vent off some steam. He looked pretty pissed when he left but he did hold his tongue well.

Is Poverty Necessary?

Lawdeedaw says...

1-Rename this video has nothing to do with the content. 2-Birth control, yes. Just implement social birth control and boom, we stop having kids. This means improving lives, etc.
BUT. C-It is also about consumption. For example, you wouldn't argue that we need to reduce the tiger population because hundreds of humans are dying to them every year when just one tiger is kept in a village that causes 95% of human to tiger deaths.

What I mean by that is the "advanced" nations certainly need population control, far greater than the zero population growth numbers we have, and we need to go in to the negatives significantly before our resources run out. As far as the populated backwoods nations, they can afford to be populated.

Mordhaus said:

I think so, we seriously need to slow down pop growth.

100 Years of Lingerie in 3 Minutes

Exercise is NOT the Key to Weight Loss

Lawdeedaw (Member Profile)

Lawdeedaw says...

Lol, I just thought it was typical Sage gibberish. Kidding, thank you for this clarification buddy

Sagemind said:

Not sure if you get email notifications or not which quotes commnets.
I commented on your comment, accidentally dropping something off my pasteboard into the comment -- Please ignore that comment - I know it wont make any sense.

My comment has been corrected on the page.

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