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Meet Norway’s Modern-Day Vikings

How Portugal Is Kicking its Heroin Habit

Fairbs says...

I really don't understand why drugs are illegal; you are primarily only hurting yourself

and say if you steal to get money for drugs or hurt someone while on drugs, there are laws already in place for those crimes

How Sweden Nailed Road Safety

Historical Misconceptions For You to Bring Up during Dinner

Neil deGrasse Tyson Proves the Earth is Round

How Overnight Shipping Works

Fairbs says...

I remember hearing that the who came up with FedEx got a bad grade in his business school class because the idea wasn't considered possible; the cost of entry is all of those facilities worldwide plus all of the airplanes or in other words pretty damn high; and then you have to turn all of that on at the same time; so if you're first you pretty much have a monopoly and can set really high prices; so the rewards are extremely high, but so are the costs and risks

Debunking Anti-Vaxxers

What it Feels Like to Fly Off a Mountain

The Invisible Pollution Deafening Cities Worldwide

Fairbs says...

I think the study with the kids being behind in reading because they face the train is misleading. It's a distraction sure, but it isn't about damage to your ears.

Engineer Mark Rober exposes cheating arcade machine

Fairbs says...

I went to the pinball museum in Vegas and they talk about the history of some of the machines; I think I remember that in the early days some of them were used for gambling and they got banned; then the games became skill games, but there were still a few that from all appearances were skill games, but if you landed in the right spot the owner would pay you out illegally

Megaweapon said:

The only reason pinball machines weren't banned (or were legalized) in most U.S. jurisdictions way back in the day was because they were a game of skill. How do redemption machines like this (that are computer controlled to only pay out some percentage of the time) skate by the anti-gambling laws?

Why Do Doctors Have Men Turn Their Heads and Cough?

Fairbs says...

you and me both brother

I had a repair in the same spot about 20 years earlier and with that one the pain went away after I think about 6 months

newtboy said:

Really, you people just let near strangers fondle your balls without questioning why?!?

I sure wish my Dr had told me to wait and see instead of scheduling surgery for the next morning, my surgery made things exponentially worse and now 5+ years later, I still have constant severe groin pain where before I just had a weird feeling when I coughed.

Why Do Doctors Have Men Turn Their Heads and Cough?

Why Do Doctors Have Men Turn Their Heads and Cough?

Building Worlds First Permanent Nuclear Waste Disposal Site

Is It Dangerous To Talk To A Camera While Driving?

Fairbs says...

they should just promote it once and then ignorance of the law is your own fault

Jinx said:

It does seem like a catch 22 situation. If the signs don't attract attention then...whats the point, but if they do then surely that is attention that would otherwise be on the road.

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