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Stealing Homes

How Police Protect And Serve

Use of force incident at Walmart in East Syracuse NY

C-note says...

It is law enforcement's responsibility and job to protect and serve. The police are suppose to uphold the law and respect the citizens of the community. It is disrespectful to put your hands on someone and especially disturbing to put your hands on a pregnant woman. This also goes against de-escalation training that law enforcement professionals should already have.

Police responding to a scene are paid professionals doing a job. They are owed no respect. There is no law that mandates police receive any respect. The first amendment freedom of speech grants the right to every citizen to express their feeling no matter how disrespectful to the police.

These officers were out of line. They entered a scene where no crime was being committed and immediately took one side and used excessive force. It is a fact that the highest rate of excessive force and death cause by police is against black women. Black women are killed at a higher rate by police then black men. Black women are abused by police at a higher rate then any other demographic.

Respect is earned. Police in america have no intention of even trying earn respect and do not deserve it. Settlements are the only bright spot and one will be paid.

bobknight33 said:

Why do people act so disrespectful?

If you were pregnant would you act like this?

Use of force incident at Walmart in East Syracuse NY

C-note says...

The police did what they always do when they show up, they immediately put their hands on the black people, which will always escalate the situation resulting in more one-sided violence against the black people. This is why people call the cops. This is the intended result people have when they call the police. Without hearing any sides of the altercation the police chose to get physical and then proceed to drag the black people around. The police were wrong, but they acted as the system intended for them to behave towards minorities. The police will lose in court. The city will pay a settlement to these black women. And finally those who get off on videos like this will have their moment the enjoy another example of white supremacy.

Orca Rams Dolphin Mid Air During Hunt

My 50 Cal Exploded

C-note says...

*promote for explaining his accident and sharing the details of his experience. Hats off to his father for being there to save his life.

Zawash (Member Profile)

Pike County Sheriffs Beat And Mace Man In Restraint Chair

C-note says...

Fired is not enough.
Arrest, Trial, Conviction and Sentencing should follow.
Then the Civil suit should make him pay monetary damages to his victim.
His broken hand and the video showing how he broke his hand is more then enough to make any lawyer 6 figures.

S&H Green Stamps - Life in America

Lessons from 2,000+ Interviews with Broken People

C-note says...

"..Salary is the amount they give you to forget your dreams.

401K is my way to walk away from my boss and get back the dream..." BobKnight33

Be careful with truth. If you wake up too many they will resent you.

bobknight33 said:


I love you all, even newtboy.

I enjoy this site because it bubbles up quality ( mostly) vids.

Political views are 180 from this site. Netboy is 100% incapable to rational thought of seeing the other side or even considering it. Hence I put a equally firm line in the sand. Newtboy is brilliant in his discussion but intolerant. I would think we all came across this at some point.

Do I think Trump is a A hole, Yep at times. But you also have to admit the boy has done some really big things last 4 years.
Moving our Consulate to Jerusalem.
( Last 4+ POTUS have promised but he did it)
Got 5 Muslim nations to engage in normalize relations with Israel.
( This is a big deal)
Plus great growth in America, and much more.
All with zero respect from media.

Trump fighting the Election results: That's his right. Does he have a chance. Slim. But the boy always willing to go to the distance. He's a fighter. He might pull it off, Hope he does.

Not looking for anything different to what everyone else is.
Decent pay, better life for my children.

I want all to succeed. I've posted TESLA video to show you that hopefully you will look into them and invest in them.

This is the decade of EV ( electronic vehicles). Get in on it.

I want you all be financially secure.

Salary is the amount they give you to forget your dreams.

401K is my way to walk away from my boss and get back the dream.

Roll over your Co 401k to a self directed and jump in. This gives you complete control. Its your life, control it. Nobody cares more about your money than you.

Lessons from 2,000+ Interviews with Broken People

Mr. Freeman narrates the difference between Snitching & Rats

Black murder is normal | Michael Smith | TEDxJacksonville

Silicon Valley's Muslim's Online Slave Market

Kid Abuses Grocers, Dad Makes Abusive Son Apologize

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