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Frisbee Forever 2 in the App Store now! (free) (Blog Post)


Corporate shill here. Bringing you a fantasatic new product that will revolutionize the way you play on your handheld device.
Ok, putting Billy Mays back in the corner, we've just released the sequel to our very successful Frisbee Forever game for iOS. The sequel brings a bunch of improvements and I had a blast developing on it. I worked on the GUI as usual, so if there's something problematic with that, bring it to me.
Get it from for free and check it out.  
I hope you like and if you have any feedback at all, I'm happy to answer what I can. 

Subway Surfers in the App Store now free! (Blog Post)

Hi guys,

It seems as if I've just become an ad spammer for games I've worked on lately.



 Anyways, we have a new game out that I worked super hard on the last months. It's called "Subway Surfers" and is a runner game where you have to dodge trains and obstacles. It's colorful and bright like Frisbee Forever and it's fun to play!

We have a launch trailer available here: 

Try it out completely free and gimme all your feedback!

If you're wondering what I did on the game, I was programming the UI and all the meta stuff.  

Shameless self-promotion - Bullet Time HD (updated) (Blog Post)

Update: Following is a brand new Launch trailer. The game will be out on the 17th of november. I hope you all will try it out



--- Original post --- 

Hello again ladies and gentlemen of the sift.

It is Saturday, November 5th and it's time for me to show you what I've been working on for the last 6 months.

... more inside ...

Shameless self-promotion - Frisbee Forever (Blog Post)

Hello all you lovely sifters!

Some of you know that I work at a mobile company making games for primarily iPhone. Well, we've just released a new game for iPhone and iPad called Frisbee Forever

 It's available right now FREE in New Zealand and should be available around the globe in the app store during today.

 Some Screens for ya:


And there's a trailer too - feel free to sift it, I'd love some buzz for it.

Catnapped, my other game, won an award! (Blog Post)

Catnapped, a game I was the game designer for back in may has won an award!

1st prize in the Artistic Game category at Live 2011 in Turku, Finland.

I've mentioned the game earlier in my blog here 

You can try the game at if you wish. We are considering porting it to iPhone in some for or another. 

I can now call myself an award-winning Game Designer.  

Fucking Magnets - how do they work? (Blog Post)



Courtesy of Abstruse Goose 


So, I'm making a PC game for kids (Blog Post)

Yeah, it's weird. 

Anyway, we're a group of 14 people making this in relation to my university work. My role is as game designer, other than myself we have 1 project manager, 1 director, 1 art director, 1 visual designer, 1 audio designer, 2 animators, 5 programmers and one CG artist. It's a lot of fun and interesting work. 

 We've been sequestered in Copenhagen for the whole month of May, which is pretty cool, but I'm looking forward to going home.

We have a facebook group with all sorts of pictures and videos

and when we're done, we'll put the finished project on 

 When I have some time to be more specific I'll give ya'll the rundown on the game.  

Blackbird and a smile (Blog Post)

Playing Blackbird by Paul McCartney

The solo part is something I wrote for it myself some years back, because I thought it was a bit repetitive to sing the same two verses over and over without a solo part.  


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