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newtboy says...

Such a dumb ass. That’s exactly what you said when it was at $1200. With Elon as the only leader, there’s no good time to buy, because tomorrow he might decide it’s a great time to put every dime in bitcoin (because it also lost half its value).
Biden had nothing to do with the stock tanking. Musk being an idiot has everything to do with it.

Um…what? A bit late to look at the company now, don’t you think? He might have done that before making a $45 billion offer that he’s locked into. Now he’s wasted between $1 billion and $20 billion, which comes out of Tesla.

Tesla is no longer a monopoly, Elon no longer looks like a business genius. That means the likelihood of Tesla stock going back to a PE ratio near 200 is pretty low, but further decline is highly likely. It’s still over 90 PE…anything over 25 is a horrible deal.

bobknight33 said:

It’s a fantastic time to buy Tesla stock. Truly this is a “thank Joe Biden”

WRT to twitter musk trying to get a true sense of fake accounts and bots

newtboy says...

Interesting….Elon was buying Twitter in part to reinstate Trump’s account…because that would obviously increase traffic and the company’s value (he assumes).
Turns out that, in order to get investment in Truth Social (which Trump calls Troth Sential) Trump had to sign contracts promising to not only post on truth central, but to EXCLUSIVELY post on truth central. (The company buying it also had to put out a statement to investors warning them that Trump’s business record is horrible, listing the companies he ran into bankruptcy or that were deemed to be frauds but not the rest that just failed).

Not good for Musk. The Twitter fiasco, trying to buy his way into political discourse, has backfired terribly…it’s going to cost him $1 BILLION to walk away, and there’s no other option, the company is worth around 1/2 of his purchase price. That deal dragged Tesla stock down to near 1/2 its previous value. Not a good time to be all in.

newtboy says...

And ANOTHER Republican ballot harvesting scheme busted, this time in Philadelphia where GOP employees signed up voters for vote by mail but put the GOP P.O. Box as their address, many of those with their ballots stolen said they had not signed up for vote by mail at all, no one questioned had agreed to have their ballot be sent to GOP headquarters…some of those ballots had already been returned to the city filled out without ever being delivered to the voters.

newtboy says...

D’oh! Even OAN has had to release a statement admitting there was no fraud in Georgia in the 2020 election and the two women they claimed stuffed fake ballots through voting machines in fact did not do that, or anything else illegal and did not commit vote fraud.
They also had to pay the two women who they now admit they slandered, libeled, and whose lives they intentionally put in danger from rabid seditionists who continue to threaten them daily, even publicly, with death, rape, burning, lynching, torture, etc.

Now what?

newtboy says...

So, mr “wrong is wrong”… does that extend to Boebert, who was just notified by the FEC that she’s violated (more) campaign finance laws over 20 times this year by accepting personal donations over $2900? Just 15 years ago that would not only end a political career, but might end up sending the representative to prison…today it gets a stern letter and barely a mention by the media, but is no less illegal.
Let’s remember that she was with her husband when he exposed himself to two 14-15 year old girls, and tried to help him cover it up.
Let’s also remember she admitted she abused her travel funds massively, paying herself well over $20000 pretending (in writing) that she drove herself almost 40000 miles in 6 months for government business while serving in Washington, then changing her story and claiming a bunch of that reimbursement was for hotel stays she hadn’t reported (but any hotel over $200 is required to be listed, not doing so is also a crime).

So, the question is, should Boebert be barred from holding office for accepting these 20+ “bribes” and embezzlement? Let’s see if you can answer without deflection or projection..$5 says no.

newtboy says...

Here’s your daily dose of Republican debauchery….Pervster, (real name is herbster), Trump’s pick for Nebraska, accused by 8 women of groping in the last 5 years, 6 corroborated by witnesses, many stating so publicly well before he was a candidate including a Republican state senator.

Who doesn’t care about law, morality, or ethics again?

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 13 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

newtboy says...

Bwaaahahahaha. Your tears are so yummy!

Citation needed. I’ve offered you dozens of legitimate proven cases, including the recent nomination of a known brutal murderer, multiple pedophiles, sex abusers, sex traffickers, drug abusers, and plain old morons. Your turn…Prove it.

I know you can’t.
I already have.
Cry to mommy, little Bobby.
Your playing a game of “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever I am bounces out of me and onto you”.

bobknight33 said:

Douchebags like you are the problem.

Projection is the stock and trade of the Democrat playbook.

newtboy says...

It’s a basic fact that the right are pure projection now.
Any charge you liars make up to foist against others ALWAYS turns out to be crimes you are ACTUALLY committing yourselves, proven by convictions.

This means, to anyone including yourself, when you say “ Democrats : The party of Death, Destruction, Debauchery” we KNOW you’re saying “ Republicans : The party of Death, Destruction, Debauchery”. 👏 👏 👏

bobknight33 said:

Of course the right is screaming who leaked and not Fuck yea we finally won because the right don't want leftest nut jobs circling this houses , business, etc and harass the shit out of them. The left are un civil.

The democrat party has known this day would come. They had 50 years to codify abortion into law and didn't.

To make it worse Democrats saw this day of reckoning when the last SCOUS was appointed. Democrats won 2020 and had full control and did not push any law at the national level to make abortion legal . Major error of the Democrat party.

You lost the argument fair and square..
But at the state level you can keep on killing . and some even up until birth.

Democrats : The party of Death, Destruction, Debauchery,

newtboy says...

Only because you love to post videos of Biden (with a diagnosed speech impediment) sometimes flubbing words, here’s Trump not knowing at all who he endorsed or what his social media company is named…”trothe….truth sential” is not its name, JP Mandel is not his name. You would still re-elect him tomorrow if you could.

newtboy says...

Interesting N Carolina doesn’t disqualify candidates convicted of such things, isn’t it? Some places do, like liberal California. Liberals ACTUALLY care about crime enough to disqualify based on convictions, not “conservatives”.

Have you written your state legislature to demand they make a law so criminals can’t be elected officials? Thought not.

Then, again I ask you, why would you have ever supported repeatedly convicted con man (school cons, charity cons, repeated business cons) and racist (payed millions for redlining) Trump?

You SAY wrong is wrong, then you vote for convicted criminals constantly. I am certain you voted for the guy whose campaign harvested and filled out ballots in YOUR county, knowing beforehand that he had done that, he won despite blatantly defrauding the election, and would have again if he had run again. You absolutely didn’t say any Republican on the same ballot should be disqualified despite knowing his campaign also filled out fraudulent votes for any Republican they could. You lied and said he had suffered consequences, but you know full well he did not. None. Not only did he take office, and never was charged, he was allowed to run again in the special election required because of his admitted fraud.

The point here is Republicans (like you) SAY they believe in law and order and criminals shouldn’t be elected officials, then you go ahead and vote for people who admit to brutally murdering their wives and tossing the body in a creek and are awaiting trial and then, idiotically, go on to call Democrats the “party of debauchery”. It’s asinine and transparent.

You SAY you care about law and order, then directly encourage perjury (only from your “team”) elect child rapists, sex traffickers, people who protect child rapists, thieves, cheats, deadbeats, blatant racists, and insurectionists. (In one case, Trump, someone who is all of the above).

I can only find wrong worth mentioning on one side because only one side displays this level of wrongness. Why can you only find wrong on Democrats parts, and not see the 95% of horrific wrongness coming from your choices for representatives?

Democrats abuse their travel funds (but only about 10% as much as Republicans), Democrats commit insider trading (but not 1/2 as much as republicans).
Democrats don’t traffic little girls for sex.
Democrats don’t have cocaine fueled lemon party orgies (ugh, just the thought).
Democrats don’t try to commit a coup then blame republicans when it fails.
Democrats don’t run fraudulent charities for veterans which they steal from.
Democrats don’t have private parties with Epstein and little girls.
Democrats don’t repeatedly try to take guns onto planes (Cawthorn).
Democrats don’t harass young school shooting victims with death threats and claims that they’re not real people.
Democrats don’t put hurting republicans above the good of the nation either….they should start, turnabout is fair play, and hurting actual abusive criminals (not just fantasy crimes) is in the national interest.

Yes, I’m biased. It’s insane you aren’t, knowing what we know about current republicans, and what little we have of Democratic crimes. I find you a new disgusting Republican representative committing felonies daily, and you don’t flinch in your unbridled support of them, you toss out red herrings and whataboutisms without ever turning on the majority of pedophiles, hebephiles, rapists, insurrectionists, etc that keep coming from your chosen party.

I agree with your last sentence, but you do not.
You constantly vote for criminals like this and simply turn a blind eye to their convictions for crimes of moral turpitude. Democrats got rid of Al Frankenstein for a photo of him pointing at a sleeping woman, Republicans are still trying to elect judge Roy Moore despite his pedophilic history, and re-elect Cawthorn, and Boebert, Gaetz, Jordan, even Epstein’s bestie Trump. All directly tied to pedophilia, and you don’t care one bit. Not to mention the seditious coup attempt so many are complicit in, or the coverups afterwards, or the insider trading, etc.

You don’t care about criminal behavior if it’s a Republican, and you just can’t admit it, but you and all here KNOW it’s true.

bobknight33 said:

A local former Charlotte mayor was convicted and sent to jail for taking bribes many times , using under cover FBI agents and is now running for city counsel.

And like always I said wrong is wrong but you somehow can only find wrong on 1 side.

You seem a bit biased.

Neither should be allowed to hold any government job of any type.

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