Weekly Achievements for 11Jul21 thru 17Jul21

#1 Video

Running From The Police Fail by newtboy

China/Shaky building/Collapsing by bobknight33

Rafting in Russia by Mordhaus

Car jumps overpass by Mekanikal

Vampires starting shit with the Werewolves by eric3579

Well this came close to being unsiftable by eric3579

Baseball player doesn't follow the law of gravity by Mordhaus

Why you should never stand under the load of a crane by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

It's there for a reason by Mordhaus reached #2
Carl Sagan criticizes Star Wars on Johnny Carson by Mordhaus reached #2
Conor McGregor shows you the true definition of irony by eric3579 reached #2
I Made a Real Magnetohydrodynamic Drive by newtboy reached #3
Deadpool’s Maximum Reaction: Free Guy by oblio70 reached #3
I'm a Bee by Mordhaus reached #3
Where Are All The Squid Fossils? by oritteropo reached #3
Trump didn't do anything wrong by Mordhaus reached #3
Black Widow 2021 | Such A Poser by Mordhaus reached #3
Two dozen goats eat their way through New York park by C-note reached #3
Straight Up Trailer by dotdude reached #4
DEVO's Gerald V. Casale ``I'm Gonna Pay U Back`` by eric3579 reached #4
Octopuses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Web Exclusive by Mordhaus reached #4
The UK's last aerial ropeway by eric3579 reached #4
Robin Williams On Living In California and Earthquakes by ant reached #4
Dee Gees | You Should Be Dancing by eric3579 reached #4
Musical chair game in high school by Mordhaus reached #4
SpaceX fully autonomous droneship for Falcon 9 / Heavy by eric3579 reached #4
Musician plays as section of keyboard are removed by oritteropo reached #4
Viewing size of the sun when you block out the light by eric3579 reached #5
The Weeknd – Save Your Tears by BSR reached #5
Fast and Furious by Mordhaus reached #6
San Antonio teen's golf ball struck by lightning at Topgolf by Mordhaus reached #6
True Facts: Wild Pigs by w1ndex reached #6
Deep Dive Dubai - The World's Deepest Pool by C-note reached #7
M139 Volcano Mine System by newtboy reached #7
Land of Mine Trailer by dotdude reached #7
What kind of parent allows their toddler to do this? by Mordhaus reached #8
Help! My Lawnmower sounds like Seth Rogen's laugh by w1ndex reached #8
The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Trailer by dotdude reached #10

Top Comments

With Repbulican's relentless pursuit of deregulatio... by cloudballoon (7 votes)
Of course. By definition. How could he? by vil (5 votes)
Florida is trying hard to catch up to China with near... by newtboy (4 votes)
Looks to me like things went well. No death penalty here. ... by BSR (4 votes)
Every Trump supporter ever. If X, Y, and Z, then... by newtboy (4 votes)

Most Votes Cast

China/Shaky building/Collapsing by bobknight33 (21 votes)
Vampires starting shit with the Werewolves by eric3579 (19 votes)
Well this came close to being unsiftable by eric3579 (19 votes)
Rafting in Russia by Mordhaus (19 votes)
Why you should never stand under the load of a crane by Mordhaus (19 votes)

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