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Army of Chickens Follow After Food

wtfcaniuse says...

Fairly typical for chooks to do this in my experience. Mine sometimes follow me around in a group even when I don't have food for them.
They also communicate to each other that food is available which kicks off the flocking behaviour. Some roosters will yell when they notice a food source and wait for hens to eat before they do.

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greatgooglymoogly (Member Profile)

wtfcaniuse says...

Plasterboard can and does pull off and break that easily between studs. If it's been nailed it pulls the head through, when glued it leaves some paper or a chunk behind at that point. It's not a strong material.

greatgooglymoogly said:

drywall doesn't pull off that easily, could not be real. have cut through a copper pipe with a sawzall before, it was abandoned thank god.

Who would hang a towel that damn low anyway? I knew it was fake from the beginning.

Payback (Member Profile)

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