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newtboy (Member Profile)

speechless says...

Congrats. You've made a new friend.

lantern53 said:

I don't think it's legal to use force (which is what a traffic stop is) to have a nice interaction. Even if you're handing out money, it is not proper. But then I believe in the 4th amendment.

Deano (Member Profile)

... What are McDonald's Chicken McNuggets made of?

How To Eat Live Octopus

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Turkey Pardoning

speechless says...

Why do you know this?!

#have a seat

Babymech said:

The psycho ex bit mirrors very closely an old video and meme of a slightly... obsessive girl who made a nude video of herself where she talks crazy to the camera. this was passed around the internet and set to, for example, the theme from Requiem for a Dream, to illustrate her creepy crazy. Not a great thing to admit to watching, what with the possible mental disturbance and the public mocking of private nudity and all... But it got much worse when it turned out that she was apparently in eighth grade when she made the video. Extra ew, then.

Happy Thanksgiving all! (Hamster style...)

marinara (Member Profile)

speechless jokingly says...

Happy birthday marinara! I was just going to offer folly on how remiss we have been to catch up a spell, but then I realized I shouldn't talk like I just time traveled from the 18th century.

newtboy (Member Profile)

newtboy (Member Profile)

Steam Train Smoker

It's Illegal To Feed The Homeless In Florida

speechless says...

Wouldn't it be better, and safer for everyone, if we could just build some sort of "place" for these homeless people to live? Provide them with the basic needs of life like food, clothing and shelter. A cot to sleep on. A yard to exercise in. A place where they could make friends and network with other desperate people?

Hell, maybe we can even put them to work! One man's "slave labor" is another man's "productive member of society", after all.

Granted, some of these people are dangerous! When you hit rock bottom and have nothing left to lose, that can turn a man into an animal. So maybe we should surround the place with barbed wire and electric fences. And guard towers, just in case.

Maybe put bars on the windows and doors?

I'm just spitballing ideas here.

It's Illegal To Feed The Homeless In Florida

speechless jokingly says...

The good news is, you're not allowed to frighten mammals.
For those who read this law thoroughly.

"No person shall molest, harm, frighten, kill, trap, hunt, feed, chase, capture,
shoot or throw any object which may harm any mammal..."

So, scare off a squirrel and you're just as fucked as feeding a hungry human.

It's Illegal To Feed The Homeless In Florida

speechless says...

Well it takes about 10 fucking seconds with google to find out the truth here. Arnold Abbott (whose name should be in the title/tags/description/somewhere imo) was cited for violating the new city ordinance against feeding the homeless in a public space. There was NO "food safety" violation whatsoever. And the last time this happened he sued Ft. Lauderdale and won. But they changed the law now to make it worse. They don't want the homeless people there. That's all there is to it. This is why you see other heartless cunt towns giving homeless people free bus tickets. They just want the homeless out. Don't feed them. Just get them the fuck out of there. To hell with solving the problem or treating them like human beings.

Here's an update (because he's done it again) with includes all the parties involved (police, the accused and the cunt mayor):

And it wasn't "apparently catered". Where do you get that and why would it even matter? I don't even know what it means. Any food hot on a table with some sternos is a catered event?

Honestly, they should just give all the homeless they are trying to serve a penny. Then set up their "catered" event and charge the homeless one penny to eat. Now they're not giving it away.

rancor said:

I couldn't even bear to watch the video to listen for the audio, but I think it's likely you are correct. This is yet another context-less internet video which someone has placed in an inflammatory context. Obviously they're not being cited for giving away food. That's not illegal. Everyone's flailing about "LET THEM FEED THE HOMELESS" (including the post title) but if there's a food safety violation going on here, well, it's the job of the police to make sure they don't get a bunch of people sick, especially some homeless folk who probably don't have a good way to get to the ER if they get really bad food poisoning.

A responsible news crew (or anyone interested in providing context) would have followed up with a word from the guys being cited, and with a police spokesperson to get the real story from both sides.

With all of that said, the cynic in me is still here. He says "it can't be that hard to give safe (apparently catered) food away on the street for free, with or without a permit".

First Lady to Blacks: Vote Democrat, Then Eat Fried Chicken

newtboy (Member Profile)

speechless says...

Have you looked at that YT channel?
It's like Sarah Palin took a shit in Alex Jones' mouth and somehow that made a baby.

newtboy said:

Ahhh...I see. Nevermind! :-)
OK, tragic waste, yep. Let's hope the late delivery won't be tragic though, just inconvenient.

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