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It's Illegal To Feed The Homeless In Florida

rancor says...

Jesus, fucking hostile much? Thanks for posting a proper news link which this thread was lacking, but I'm not sure you read it thoroughly. "Parks shall not be used for business or social services." Nobody can sell or give away food there, to rich people or to homeless people. No hot dog stands unless they get a letter from the city.

The fact that the mayor amended his statement from "feeding the homeless just enables them" to "you can feed the homeless, but only indoors" belies his real feelings on the matter, but his excuse does have lots of precedent behind it. Cities mandate permits for all kinds of stuff, especially on public land. Not only that, but if you serve the food closer to the kitchen it stays hotter longer which reduces the risk of food poisoning. So, food safety? Technically yes. Not making the occasional exception for charity? Pretty shitty. I wonder what would happen if they asked for a permit.

And "catered food" describes how it was prepared, not how it is served. It is purchased from a business with inspected kitchens and health ratings, not from some person's back room where they leave the chicken out unrefrigerated covered in rat shit. It also usually comes in identical bins like that, whereas a randomized tupperware collection would look more like something privately prepared. It was just an observation which could indicate (or preclude) more food safety issues.

Do church kitchens have health inspections since they are not restaurants? Maybe that's the next thing the mayor can crack down on to keep the homeless hungry so they learn to get a job.

In conclusion, I hate writing follow-ups to internet comments, because now I know there's going to be another round to which I will probably not respond. Don't be offended.

speechless said:

Well it takes about 10 fucking seconds with google to find out the truth here. Arnold Abbott (whose name should be in the title/tags/description/somewhere imo) was cited for violating the new city ordinance against feeding the homeless in a public space. There was NO "food safety" violation whatsoever. They don't want the homeless people there. That's all there is to it. This is why you see other heartless cunt towns giving homeless people free bus tickets. They just want the homeless out. Don't feed them. Just get them the fuck out of there. To hell with solving the problem or treating them like human beings.

Here's an update (because he's done it again) with includes all the parties involved (police, the accused and the cunt mayor):

And it wasn't "apparently catered". Where do you get that and why would it even matter? I don't even know what it means. Any food hot on a table with some sternos is a catered event?

Honestly, they should just give all the homeless they are trying to serve a penny. Then set up their "catered" event and charge the homeless one penny to eat. Now they're not giving it away.

It's Illegal To Feed The Homeless In Florida

rancor says...

I couldn't even bear to watch the video to listen for the audio, but I think it's likely you are correct. This is yet another context-less internet video which someone has placed in an inflammatory context. Obviously they're not being cited for giving away food. That's not illegal. Everyone's flailing about "LET THEM FEED THE HOMELESS" (including the post title) but if there's a food safety violation going on here, well, it's the job of the police to make sure they don't get a bunch of people sick, especially some homeless folk who probably don't have a good way to get to the ER if they get really bad food poisoning.

A responsible news crew (or anyone interested in providing context) would have followed up with a word from the guys being cited, and with a police spokesperson to get the real story from both sides.

With all of that said, the cynic in me is still here. He says "it can't be that hard to give safe (apparently catered) food away on the street for free, with or without a permit".

aimpoint said:

I can't even here what he's being cited for. Maybe he needs a permit? I've heard that some of the laws in play are coming from food safety laws.

You Probably Don't Need to Be on that Gluten-free Diet

rancor says...

Also... it's not legitimate demand since it's based on misunderstandings and/or lies. That's the easy reason. Marketing 101 baby!

charliem said:

These people are admitting themselves to doctors and hospitals because they are causing more harm than good.

Thats your taxpayer dollars hard at work.

Who cares? The taxpayers should care....a healthy society is a healthy economy.......econ 101 baby.

You'll Never Open a Bag of Chips the Same Way Again

rancor says...

Didn't we just have the lifehack in the top sifts? It showed that all you have to do to get a chip bowl is open from the top then start curling/folding in the bottom to push the chips upward until they reach the top. I guess this way is the "non-hack" version.

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