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The history and virtues of eating pigeon meat

West Coast Cherry Crops Destroyed By Heatwave

newtboy says...

And now the swarms of locusts (ok, really grasshoppers) begin.

Utah farmers, already struggling with drought and extreme heat, are being plagued by grasshoppers destroying what little crops they managed to grow. Early heat caused an early hatch, leading to swarms. Many farmers abandoned their crops rather than go through the expense of spraying a crop they have no water for, allowing a bad situation to get exponentially worse. Hay may soon be in short supply along with produce.

If it's a mild winter, expect worse next year when their eggs hatch. Without improvement in the weather, colder in winter wetter in spring and cooler in summer, farmers nationwide expect next year to be far worse than this year's disastrous growing season. Nevada and Arizona are due to lose their main water source soon, and California expects more water shortages statewide as reservoirs near empty and aquifers go dry.

Sure sounds like the climatologists were correct, if anything minimizing the effects and rate of change from climate change; heat, drought, plagues, swarms, fires. They were not exaggerating them @bobknight33. These are exactly what they predicted, just a decade early, and exactly what you denied would happen. All time high local temperatures were reached worldwide in the last month including ground temperatures of 118 F in arctic Siberia and 130 F last weekend in Death Valley, the hottest atmospheric air temperature ever seen on the planet since humans existed.

But nope, climate change is a liberal hoax, they just have the entire planet lying to support it, destroying their own crops and cooking their citizens to keep the lie going. 🤦‍♂️

I hope you live long enough for your children to accept that their disastrous future was caused by you and your ilk and abandon you to the baking streets in your old age to starve and bake. You ignorant and dishonest deniers deserve worse for decimating the only planet we have. Your children will come to that conclusion, the only question is when.

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newtboy says...

No sign should be needed, just a reading of the constitution that makes discrimination based on sex or sexuality a crime, a violation of civil rights. Parents can move on to another country that allows discrimination if that bothers them, I hear Russia fits that bill.

What seems reasonable if they choose to accommodate puritans might be a policy where no one is allowed to be naked in public areas including locker rooms, and add individual dressing rooms....but that's a big expense and should be up to the business, not one patron IMO.

Dschubba said:

It is not an unreasonable question for parents to ask themselves.

Businesses just simply need to publicly place signage they are trans, and/or coed friendly and parents can move on if that bothers them

Brazen Bear Family Help Themselves to Picnic at Lake Tahoe

newtboy says...

Are you kidding me, people!?! 30 ft is not a safe distance from a mama bear and her cubs, especially waist deep in water. That bear could be on them in 2 seconds, then she would be killed for protecting her cubs. Give them some space.

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newtboy says...

Contact @lucky760 or @dag.
It was not an appropriate hobble imo....You were doing long overdue maintenance, not harming the sift through abuse of your star powers. I see how it was inconvenient to have so many invocations in a row clutter the comments, but not malicious.
It's worse since the admins seem to be MIA, and only they can unhobble.

Good luck.

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newtboy jokingly says...

Come on guys.....
@BSR, @chicchorea

BSR said:

Fortunately, I don't lack respect for fellow sifters and their comments and conversations.

Had I been someone new to VS and wanted to check out the comment section I would have disregarded joining the site simply because of the appearance of an attention whore poster.

I did try to get your attention as a friend to ask you to maybe limit how many "dead" posts you make at once so as to not push recent comments and conversations into oblivion.

When you didn't respond I assumed you were not interested and just continued on.

This isn't so much about the rules as it is about respecting fellow sifters.

I hope you and I can stand on common ground.

CC: @dag

CC: @lucky760

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The sound of monkeys eating grapes

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Shoplifting Seagull Raids Co-op To Nick Tuna Sandwich

surfingyt (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Cry it out...lie it out....never let the truth get out.
So sad people like him get the same voice and same voting choice as honest adults.

surfingyt said:

bob's motto: when in doubt, cry it out.

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