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I Cooked a Chicken by Slapping It

The Bachelor but with monkeys

moonsammy says...

Quite a lot of them, yeah. They don't all tickle me like this one though, I've probably watched it a half dozen times now.

"Hold" remains my favorite though.

w1ndex said:

I had a feeling this would get sifted, a good video, probably could sift all of his Joel's videos they're all pretty funny.

This is not Pizza

3-year-old's priceless response after mom "ate all his candy

moonsammy says...

I really, truly despise this whole concept, and have since I first saw a video of it. I know it's probably fairly low-harm, but I don't think it's great to get kids used to the idea that Mom or Dad will lie to them about something so pointless. Really I don't like lying to kids in general, and have tried my best to avoid it with my own.

How Many Slaps Does it Take to Cook a Chicken?

moonsammy says...

I mean, it seemed pretty obvious that there was no way this would work. But I absolutely appreciate the thorough real-world proving of it.

I think the main operative failure here is that any slapping implement will be cooled by the air for most of its cycle. So there will be an upper bound after which the air-chilled surface of the "slapper" will cool the chicken by an amount equal to the friction-induced heating effect. Even if the high speed didn't destroy the machine or the meat, the air temp would make the effort impossible.

Paul Rudd Does a Historic Dab While Eating Spicy Wings

moonsammy says...

This is seriously the best Hot Ones episode. I don't know how I managed to avoid upvoting this when it was first posted, but it's *quality. I was really only searching because I wanted to see if a related video had already been posted (it had not, and it is delightful).

Bee Man Vs Column Full Of Bees

Smelly food at work - Eggy Garlic Fish

moonsammy says...

Dude, you've had an account for over 7 years and have posted a total of TWO videos ever. Quitcherbitchen.

overdude said:

Yes. Like the video says. BORED. What happened to all the quality sifts. People be like sucking these days. Must be pandemic-related.... but c'mon guys... don't post just to post. If I could down vote I would for sure.

Making Poisonous Black Bean Edible - Primitive Technology

Man charged after violently slapping Burger King employee

moonsammy says...

"TMZ reported that 21-year-old Austin Addison, was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief."

Uhh... which of those covers the slap? Did they miss the slap?

Edit: And the problem is the nuggets were too spicy?!?! Show me the BK menu item that's legitimately actually spicy. Seriously, if it exists I want to know about it, as fast food "spicy" is generally barely medium heat.

Edit2: Another video indicated that the actual problem was this dude didn't get the right number of nuggets. This makes more sense to me, as he references robbery.

Seagull Swallows a Whole Rabbit on Welsh Island

RATED-R Wonky Willy

Pass The Pepper: Social Distancing is Nothing to Sneeze At

Vox: No, Vitamin C won't cure your cold

moonsammy says...

I tell people about the ineffectiveness of C as a cold treatment whenever I have a good opportunity. Note that when they're actually taking it is NOT what I consider such an opportunity, as the placebo effect can still be real and I'd rather not fuck that up for them. I will tell other people nearby though, once out of earshot of the sicko. Would be nice if people stopped wasting their money on snake oil.

Aubrey Plaza Snorts Milk While Eating Spicy Wings

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