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Licking bees and pulping trees: The reign of a wasp queen...

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Beheaded, Gutted Fish Still Puts up a Fight

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The secret of snapping spaghetti

The secret of snapping spaghetti

Why Do We Eat Spoiled Food?

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messenger says...

I'm still not seeing the difference. Everything you said about SB equally applies to Lantern except for the details of the problem (like it being non-scientific, and so forth).

"Allowing" opinions like SBs also makes it possible to begin to understand the "wrong" side of the argument. I've sharpened these atheist claws considerably speaking with SB.

I don't remember SB attacking anyone. Can you link to an example?

Payback said:

"Allowing" opinions like Lantern's makes it possible to begin to understand the "wrong" side of the argument.

SB is just a deluded, self-aggrandizing zealot. He has no qualms attacking sifters without provocation, based only on his microscopically narrow, scientifically impossible world view.

...but, I haven't seen evidence of him in months, so I'm hoping the question is moot anyway.

Foreign Foods You’re Eating Wrong

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messenger says...

messenger jokingly says...

That and the grey colour of the message mean that I'd slicked the "sarcasm" button before posting it.

rychan said:

Because men aren't trying to be attractive to men. Men are trying to be attractive to heterosexual women.

However, the woman in this video is incentivized to be attractive to lesbians, so It seems unintuitive that she would try to look manly when she knows that is unattractive to lesbians like herself.

I don't have a problem with it, whatever makes them happy, but it is a bit odd, right? Your reply and the video don't get at the real issue -- why are there different types of lesbians. Sexuality is complicated.

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