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Did you peel the bananas?

Ordering 4 flaming Greek cheeses at the same time

jmd says...

Nice text book presentation of "sprinkler" water, or the really nasty stuff that sits in the pipes for years because it only moves when the sprinkler system finally goes off. You can easily see the spray starts out black and the ceiling has black marks left from the initial spray. These guys wouldn't be laughing much after this as they find their cloths now have an irremovable deathly smell.

Fridge Outside Restaurant Turns Leftovers Into Free Meals

How many times did you watch it?

Sailor Moon Noodles!

Tough Texans Try Scandinavian Specialty

How to catch and cook razorfish!

Robot Butcher Slices and Dices

jmd says...

>> ^zombieater:

It looks clean, but in comparison with farmers who butcher and prepare meat at their farms, almost all large factory-driven slaughterhouses are quite dirty using most standards of cleanliness (coliform counts, fecal counts, and other bacterial measures).
Ever seen Food, Inc? Yuck.

Well this place probably just opened... so it is still clean in that respect. I would be interested in seeing what their cleaning times and methods were. What is scary is there are blades at every turn in that sucker. Imagine being the one who has to repair and change out blades.

There WAS a distinct lack of spray guards so I am sure bits and pieces are flung all over that you can't see, but it is also compleatly possible that the entire room gets hosed with a cleaning solution infused water fire hose style since the hardware seems pretty sturdy and protected against elements.

YOU have been opening packets of spaghetti wrong

The William: The Geek Stove.


jmd says...

it reminds me a little of the flash meme where you see islamist riot pictures with simular audio, but other then that I got nothing.

I think the little touches like picking up the bleach and the conversion of grain rice to bleached rice through extreme force make it funny. Saddly it features a sheltered teen who is to lazy to shave and looks like a dork with a beard.

Australian vs. Outback Steakhouse

Oh, Four Tuna

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