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Dog Advertising Burger Bar In China

HCT: Salt Recommendations Don't Line Up with Recent Evidence

HCT: Salt Recommendations Don't Line Up with Recent Evidence

jimnms says...

I have low blood pressure too, as well as a low body temp (normal for me is 80/40 and 95°F). I don't get light headed unless something causes it to drop farther (which would probably happen to someone with a "normal" blood pressure). It just "idles" low, but as soon as I become active, it ramps up to 120/60.

It always freaks nurses out when I go to the doctor and they take my blood pressure and temp.

I rarely ever add extra salt to food, but after hearing that low sodium can be bad too, maybe I should see about taking some sort of sodium supplement.

Khufu said:

I have low blood pressure, which at times makes me light-headed, but if I eat a little extra salt, my blood volume increases and everything is cool.

Irish People Taste Test Thanksgiving Food

jimnms says...

Most of this stuff I've never had for Thanksgiving or heard of it. Like WTF is butternut squash soup? Not only have I never had it for Thanksgiving, this is the first time I've even heard of it. Same for spice roasted carrots. I think I've only had carrots on Thanksgiving if we have a roast instead of Turkey. I've had scalloped potatoes, but never for Thanksgiving. Cornbread stuffing on Thanksgiving? I'm from the deep south and we don't have that for Thanksgiving. Probably because we eat cornbread every other day of the year, so for Thanksgiving we just have regular old stuffing.

It's Illegal To Feed The Homeless In Florida

jimnms says...

To be fair, the police don't make the laws, their job is to enforce it. At least a couple of them don't look too happy to have to be doing it too. If you don't like that it's illegal to feed homeless, take out on the real douche bags that created the law.

Sudo Make Me A Sandwich: Robot Edition

jimnms says...

Maybe they should write a program to teach them how to properly pronounce sudo. The name comes from a combination of the "su" command and the word "do." The su command is short for super user (also some call it switch user). So sudo is short for super user do, and should be pronounced with a long "o" sound as in "sue doo" not "sue dough."

How to Peel a Potato with Your Bare Hands

Daniel Tosh and the Girl with no Arms

Insane Pizza Cutting Skills

How to Make Chicken Nuggets

How a Microwave Oven Works

jimnms says...

>> ^mizila:

Safety Note
A little more basic, but don't boil water with a microwave in a smooth glass container without something (a stick in this video) to disrupt the surface. It could superheat the water.
Microwave + Smooth Glass + Undisturbed Water = Steam Bomb

While super heating water in a microwave is possible, you need a very smooth container, water free of impurities and it must be perfectly still while heating as the slightest disturbance can cause flash boiling. Mass produced glass and plastic measuring cups and other containers will always have small defects and if you have a turn table in your microwave and you're using tap water, you'll be fine as the imperfections in the container combined with impurities in tap water and the motion of the turn table will be enough to prevent super heating.

Also, what the guy says around 1:35 isn't true. A microwave doesn't heat the whole mass of the food because the microwaves can't penetrate the entire mass of the food. If what he said were true, you could stick a whole turkey in it and cook it in minutes, but in reality you'll end up with a hot outside and a cold inside.

Minecraft Grass Block Cake

Inventor Demonstrates How To Use Awesome Spaghetti Fork

jimnms says...

That takes all the fun out of slurping the spaghetti.

I don't twirl the fork when I eat spaghetti anyway, too much time and work. I just get some on the fork, put it in my mouth and bite off the excess (you perverted fuckers are going to have fun quoting that one out of context).

YOU have been opening packets of spaghetti wrong

The reason the internet was invented.

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