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London Gets a Blowjob Cafe!

gorillaman says...

It's a shame there's nowhere on earth where the laws are written by human beings.

Kerotan said:

Its not happening.

The law on brothel keeping is very strict.

That 2 sex workers can't work in the same house without being prosecuted for brothel keeping makes me very doubtful that the MET will let this slide.

Conan busts the secret employee "Foodie List"

gorillaman says...

I could hunt and slay any one of my co-workers, butcher their corpse, cook it, serve it up on a conference table and tuck in quite happily without experiencing any feeling of guilt.

Erotic Fetish Pizza Delivery?

Babymech (Member Profile)

gorillaman says...

Only in the sense that, like the jews, SJWs are a menace that must be ruthlessly opposed and ultimately, happily, exterminated.

I hope you don't find that offensive at all.

Babymech said:

I don't know you, so I have to ask - is that an intentional hint you're giving us that so-called social justice warriors are really Jew vermin? Because that would be fascinating.

DAIRY IS F**KING SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

gorillaman says...

Don't care. At all.

Still, it's good to have the argument put to you so that you can reject it. Most people consume animal products because most people consume animal products, not because they've made an intelligent moral choice.

I see videos like this and mainly I think about how cool and elegant are the logistics involved in food production.

undoomed-vegan suggests killing meat eaters

gorillaman says...

Look, if you believe animals have rights on a par with or approaching those of humans, then this is the obviously correct position to take. If it's wrong to eat meat, then any abbatoir is auschwitz.

The error is in believing that animals are conscious enough to matter. It's the same fundamental mistake made by those defending the imagined rights of foetuses, or downs babies, or jews.

Alton Brown reviews kitchen gadgets

gorillaman says...

I looked up potato ricer on wikipedia, because wtf is that, and it said they "resemble a large garlic press", so then I clicked through to garlic press because that's what you do, you click every link, and there's a line that reads "Alton Brown has expressed suspicion about them on account of their having only one function."

Alton Brown reviews kitchen gadgets

gorillaman says...

I increasingly want to be Alton Brown's friend and hang out with him at his food castle.

There are unitaskers that are in wide and successful use in the kitchen. The potato peeler for example. I mean, you can use it on carrots as well but it basically does one specific thing. The garlic press is generally considered to hold merit. I'm certainly never going to do that thing where you press down hard with the flat of an extremely sharp kitchen knife on an irregularly shaped clove of garlic.

Everything You Need To Know About Hot Peppers | Hot Pepper G

gorillaman says...

What is this SJW bullshit.

Drachen_Jager said:

So... why is everyone in a video where they sought out experts on a uniquely non-Northern-European rooted food culture white as fuck?

Couldn't find a single East Indian, Mexican, South American, or even slightly off-white expert?

koonnamchok (Member Profile)

Pillars of Eternity - Hot Pepper Game Review ft. Marisha Ray

Pillars of Eternity - Hot Pepper Game Review ft. Marisha Ray

gorillaman says...

So I'm playing Pillars of Eternity...

It is wonderful. Practically everything I dreamed it could be. There is a hint of the modern mechanics I find distasteful. I really don't want all my characters spamming minor debuffs that last 7 seconds each in every fight, but I've been able to pick passive abilities for the most part and keep special stuff on the spellcasters where it belongs.

It's built with such obvious love. Everything from the title screen onward: the careful reproduction of the infinity engine aesthetic, the writing and characterisation, the soundtrack (I never notice music in games), the little text-adventure style sections, the puzzles... I was genuinely almost moved to tears by it all within my first few minutes of this incredible game.

Baldur's Gate III. I'm playing Baldur's Gate III.

And for that reason, *promote

Zawash said:

If you like old school, and you like reading - go for it!

Non-Irish Boy Eats Carolina Reaper

gorillaman says...

And at 2 million SHU, assuming the chilli is ~1g, you only need to drink 2,000 litres of soda to totally neutralise the heat!

Bruti79 said:

Man, if you want to kill the heat, drink something sugary. The milk is only to help the stomach when it gets blasted. The Scoville Scale, I believe, is based on how much sugar it takes to neutralize the spice.

Reach for a soda. =)

Making Sand Coffee Looks Like Magic

Pillars of Eternity - Hot Pepper Game Review ft. Marisha Ray

gorillaman says...

Is it though? Is it teh shit? I hope it is. I've been burned before by supposed spiritual successors that were equally well reviewed.

But some of the screenshots in these reviews though - it looks exactly like Baldur's Gate. I want to be playing it right now. But then, these classes look a little funky, and I can't help but detect the stink of MMO mechanics seeping in here and there, the way they've poisoned so much that was once good in gaming.

I don't know; I'm scared, Zawash.

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