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Minuscule Season 2: Ants on the rocks / Fourmi on the rocks.

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ctrlaltbleach says...

Thank you and we made it through the flood fine although the posts on one side of my fence apparently rotted out and was blown over. Luckily my neighbor fixed it already.

chicchorea said:

Happy Birthday neighbor,


I hope you avoided the flood...feet and more wet here.

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ダシ巻き玉子焼 Japanese Omelette

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Kids Trying New Foods In Slow Motion Is The Cutest Ever

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Chocolate Bunny....Melting

Chocolate Bunny....Melting

I Never Knew Omelets Could be so Exciting

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Bakery Work

ctrlaltbleach says...

Youtubes -
@vincenttalleu Question-- Does the bread with the flat "pancake" placed on top have some name, or can you share a recipe? I mean the bread at 9:55, would definitely like to try baking it myself.
eeexxxaaaa 1 month ago

Hello, it's called pain auvergnat, we make it with white sourdough, but you could make with and dough really.
vincenttalleu in reply to eeexxxaaaa 1 month ago 2 >> ^oritteropo:

What are the loaves with hats at 9:54?

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