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Cocoa Farmers Tasting Chocolate for the First Time

chingalera says...

Someone should ship these cats cases of Godiva-goodies every year for their whole slave-labor clan, including enough Cocoa butter to keep their skin soft, supple, and ashless-

Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches Don't Melt

chicchorea (Member Profile)

chingalera says...


chicchorea said:

...seems like It thinks I was talking about It.

...oh, wait a minute, didn't you,...wasn't it you that...and aren't you on....

Then I must have been.

Mirror mirror in the bowl, who's the "Little...thing" in the swirl.

Down and down It goes, round and round It goes. In a spin,,,,

The Burger King Proud Whopper

chingalera says...

'Gay, not gay' is nothing more than a distraction alla Edward Bernays to me, baby-People of all races, creeds, colors are easily and idiocratic-ally sucked-into identity/orientation mumbo-jumbo is my real 'beef' with adverts like these....They're produced by assholes for morons. Enjoy your super-sized slavery, would you like cheese on that??

Can't argue that BK has turned to complete shit as have ALL fast-food chain-driven shit-holes.

ChaosEngine said:

aww ching, don't be like that. I know you care, since you decided to comment.

As for why.... because it's just bad food. It's unhealthy and more importantly, it tastes like crap.

I have nothing against unhealthy food, but if I'm going to eat something unhealthy, it can at least be tasty too.

Day In The Life Of A Dealer...A Truffle Dealer

The Burger King Proud Whopper

This Stick Of Butter Is Left Out At Room Temperature

This Stick Of Butter Is Left Out At Room Temperature

chingalera says...

Shit man, glad you posted this 'cause I wouldn't know what happens to one the motherfuckers (yummy, utilitarian), they never stay around for more than an hour around my domicile!

Baby Tastes Lemon For The First Time

What Happens When You Drink 25-Year-Old Beer

chingalera says...

It's all about yeast-survival vs. alcohol content, right?. Porters would stand a greater test of in-bottle time than a lager for example, but yer best bet is to drink good beer at it's peak.

This guys no hipster babymech (and I never had a chance to sit in a round with a 90s-00's hipster, I'd prob'ly wanna turn his chair over backwards) but this guys no where near hipster and he's definitely not a douchebag according to how I'd define douche...

newtboy (Member Profile)

chingalera says...

No sir, what is happening is that YOU seem to misunderstand that YOU continually misinterpret and take PERSONALLY almost every comment I make and you emotionally respond with personal insult and with faulty profiling with a view to seeing what makes you feel insecure simply go the fuck away....a fucking asterix MEANS one of two two things here: either someone fucked-up while entering a comment and rather than re-writing they simply place a character to avoid a blank space (the system code's unintuitive design disallows simply deleting the entire comment) and some people are confuses when they see a blank space).

What is truly sad is the manner in which you and your cohort doing the same shit (cutting and pasting my comments on mine and their own profile continually) take everything I have to write as a personal fucking attack (WHEN IT IS NOT) as the result of their insecurities and inability to process information or intent. You know VERY little of my history here as it has been filtered through whomever you've talked to and the very limited exchanges you have had with me in which you fail to communicate rather, you fucking assume what you will of my character then validate those feelings with more of your own confabulation......It's social dysfunction....impolite, uncivil, and wholly subjective, and your motivated by your own ignorance of my intent and fueled by an unwillingess to process information that does not suit your particular brand of social dysfunction.

Experienced this's what makes YOU the hater, YOU the problem, and can either be an inroad to understanding or my demise, since I chose to engage certain problems or challenges rather than to simply ignore them.

Now as far as this particular exchange we are still in my estimation, having a conversation exchanging opinions, observations and ideas.....Should you once again try and turn it into some misinterpreted personal attack then justify a response similar to most of yours in the past, which quickly digress into personal attacks on my character and retarded assumptions well.....I'm going to either pound the admins until they respond appropriately or bring this shit out in the open forum in a sift talk post because quite frankly.....I will not have my account suspended because of someone's lack of
critical-thinking skills combined personal hatred for people, concepts, or opinions they find confusing or emotionally trying....

Comprehension is an issue for some my ass, you have a hard to see me fry and are willing to go the fucking distance to see it happen.....well fuck THAT and since you can;t seem to wrap your head around the concept, fuck privacy....The goddamn community-at-large needs to see what you are up to...

newtboy said:

I quoted you. Try reading what you wrote. I'll even copy it for you. Sure seemed directed at me, especially since you quoted my comment in the thread to tell me " * "...sure seemed like you needed me to read your comment, but then later thought better of what you wrote and tried to erase it (but couldn't make the contact go away completely).
It's funny and sad that the one who's been repeatedly banned and corrected with 'probations', and that get's in over the top verbal fights daily doesn't understand that they're the real problem. Comprehension is an issue for some.

chingalera said:


and then said

Popularity be damned and at pennies on the dollar, the site has once again been wrested by a cabal of regular back-and-forthers, none particularly clever or interesting, whose banal commentary could fill a modest tome printed on onion skins, bound with viscous expectorates, and disposed of at one's next convenient expurgate repose the lucky hoarder having been thankful to have kept it for a fresher feeling behind after schnapps.

newtboy (Member Profile)

chingalera says...


newtboy said:

For my two cents...while I agree that those that add to the quantity and quality of video offerings do the most to add to the site and community, commenters do add a lot as well. Sometimes the comment thread is far more interesting than the video itself, but no single comment garners enough votes for 'silver tongue' or 'top comment'. I feel like that might be taken into account when handing out 'powers'.
As mentioned above, perhaps some point calculation per comment upvote would help, or even a single point per comments with no votes (but erase that point if the comment vote total is negative?). Then even less-popular contributors would be able to raise their standing eventually, while those making improper comments would not, making it less of a popularity contest to win basic powers.

Cucumber kimchi (Oi-sobagi: 오이소박이)

Fried Green Tomatoes : the Recipe

Zawash (Member Profile)

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