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Sour Herring the right way | w/ friends vomit

Sour Herring the right way | w/ friends vomit

TheFreak says...

This is brilliant.

Also, *promote because I got the rare opportunity to use my, almost useless, skill...understanding Swedish.

Will pineapple disintegrate a steak?

TheFreak says...

Some points.

1. The enzymes in the meat will do the same thing given the correct time and temperature.
2. I don't know if anything in this video is true because this guy fakes videos. He cut open a brisket once and water poured out of it in a way that is just not possible unless you have a hose squirting water from just off camera.

How To Make Diamond Ice Cube

The difference between a large beer and a small beer

TheFreak says...

Applebee's isn't going to fill your small beer all the way to the rim.

Maybe the big beer isn't worth the price difference but we don't know the price difference.

Pizza dance

A $66,000 Wedding Cake

Koi Feeding

Eggs Baked in Hash Browns


Fruits and vegetables before and after domestication

Bear Problem Solved

TheFreak says...

Every one of those movies begins with people thinking the clown doll is no threat.

And then...knives.

coolhund said:

Lets see how long it takes until they understand its no threat.
Normally happens very fast. Maybe even happened the same night.

How To Cook A Cheap Steak Vs. An Expensive Steak

TheFreak says...

130° for steaks is perfect (roughly the same as 54°C).

Anything that's going to be in there over 6 hours I push to at least 140°. Try the brisket flat if you get a chance, It's amazing. The point does not work at that temp though. Separate it and do something else with it.

OverLord said:


I just buy cheap rump steak or whatever bulk from Costco, lightly season, and pack individually in heat seal bags and freeze. Chuck in overnight or first thing in morning before going to work.

Tastes fantastic, just as good as the expensive cuts. I do them at 54°C for med-rare.

Thing is, wife likes well done, so I cook them all the same and just leave hers on the skillet for longer. It fully cooks, but it stays tender and melty, so much better than just doing a well done steak in a pan.

How To Cook A Cheap Steak Vs. An Expensive Steak

TheFreak says...

You can also sous vide it for about 4 hours. That breaks down tough steaks. A brisket flat cooked at 141° for 72 hours is as tender as a ribeye with tons of flavor.

NYC's Best Burger, Explained

TheFreak says...

Meh, I would have had to watch more than 15 seconds of that video to really reply thoughtfully to your comment. Turns out, 15 seconds is all it took to realize the presenter was full of shit.


I feel no shame for eating cheese. I feel no shame for eating the eggs that my backyard chickens produce. I don't even feel shame when I occasionally have to wring one for getting sick or old...I just don't relish the necessity.
I didn't feel shame when I ate the freezer full of beef from the cow my kids had named. (Man-Eating-Cow, if you're interested)

I do have shame in my life. Any life lived fully and introspectively will include some moments of shame. But none of those moments have anything to do with consuming the food my body needs to survive. Or even the foods I don't need to survive...but really enjoy.

transmorpher said:

Sure, but an opioid addict would say the same thing, and remain close minded about the reality of the situation.

There is a difference between addiction and truly enjoying a hobby, and the video I linked explains it very well.

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