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Clever Humpback Whale Pops Up for a Snack

When delivering pizza to someone at a circus in Moscow

StukaFox says...

Serious as fuck -- if I were delivering a pizza and a goddamn monkey opened the door and gave me a tenner for it, I'd stop taking acid for the next 10 days.

Crazy amount of humming birds in my mom's back yard

A Brief (Scientific) History of Butts

The sound of monkeys eating grapes

Shoplifting Seagull Raids Co-op To Nick Tuna Sandwich

StukaFox says...

Who vids this goddamn flying rat mackin' a sammer instead of running in there, booting it like fucking Thor going for the point after, then tear-assin' back out before the goddamn thing hires Alfred Hitchcock's ghost to film a sequel to The Birds starring 50 kilos of seagull shit running down your face?

Warren Fucking Buffet, that's who.

Steak boiled in 300 degree butter - Korean street food

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

StukaFox says...

I'm right there with you. Get my second dose of Pfizer yesterday and I feel like death warmed over today. However, if this is all I have to deal with to get the immunity working, I'll be happy.

Mordhaus said:

Well, the 2nd covid shot knocked my dick in the dirt. I want to say it was almost as bad as having covid itself. Anyway, I am doing better but I still feel wiped out.

Sour Herring the right way | w/ friends vomit

StukaFox says...

Stink Flipper? Yeah, I thought that was total bullshit until I saw it on some Discovery Channel show. Yipes.

SFOGuy said:

Surstromming main course.
Durian palate cleanser
Then a meat course of decayed seal paw, that Innuit delicacy?

Sour Herring the right way | w/ friends vomit

StukaFox says...

"The guys try durian(...)"

Someone brought one of those fucking things into our office once and the evacuation of the workspace and people's stomachs was epic. You can smell that shit all the way to the ISS and it's probably the reason aliens haven't invaded us yet. It's sorta like that movie 'Signs', only instead of making no fucking sense what-so-ever, the aliens show up, smell a durian, mutter "are you fucking kidding me?!" and then get back on their spaceship and fuck off to somewhere less malodorous. This is also what keeps Tacoma mostly vacated. Seriously, the reason WaDoT lowered the speed limit to 50 on the part of I-5 that has the misfortune of passing through Tacoma is that they hate everyone west of the Cascades and this is how they get back at us. Yeah, FUCK YOU -- Tacoma may stink, but Biden's still president!

Cunts, the whole fucking lot of 'em.

Ancient cat video

Ancient cat video

StukaFox says...

The expression on that cat's face at the end is like "Who the hell are you people? Are you from the future? You are! Tell me, oh temporal traveler, how fares a century of unbroken peace and human cooperation and kindness. . . ?
Shit, thank Christ I die in 1913!"

Piece of Bread falling over

Piece of Bread falling over

StukaFox says...

Somebody made this. Someone said, "Y'know what the world needs in 2021? A piece of fucking bread falling over." They probably said this because they were stoned. Probably very stoned. Y'know, a stoner with an idea is something to be respected and feared at the same time. Every stoner is McGuyver when it comes to getting stoned. No pipe? We gotta apple. No apple? We gotta Coke can. No Coke can? "Here, kitty kitty kitty!"

People are all, "Yeah, stoners 'n' shit...", but do they know how much effort a stoner will expend to score a dimer on a Saturday night when The Wall starts at the midnights in 30 minutes? Heaven, Earth, heavy rocks, speed limits, moral certitudes -- nothing stands in the way iffin' you're dry when you should be high!

That's some tasty-ass lookin' bread, too. Bet that bitch would be primo with some peanut butter on it. Oh wait, cotton-mouth....uhh, let's go for Welch's Grape Jelly instead. Ohhhyeah, one bite of WGJ and you're back in the second grade where the days were infinite and all you had to do is play, knock out a couple of easy math problems, and not torment the cat too much.

Thank fucking Christ 2020 is over.

Mobbed by Raccoons

StukaFox says...

As soon as the humans off themselves through their own stupidity, it's between my species and them for control over the globe. Sure, they have opposable thumbs, can climb trees, aren't thwarted by locks and . . . oh, shit.

BSR said:

Those Racoons are in deep shit when this guy passes away.

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