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Monkey steals his Magnum

Ducks annihilate a bowl of peas

Mystic95Z says...

Gives a whole new meaning to Sewer Bill doesn't it....

lucky760 said:

That was exactly what I was thinking.

Man, duck's a filthy animal.

That pristine clear water instantly turned to shit as soon as they stuck their bills in.


Ducks annihilate a bowl of peas

Why you always seem to have room for dessert

Cooking on Rough Seas

Magpie Swoops on Unlucky Mouse

Robert’s Got the Weirdest Fruit in Florida

Meet Tungrus and His Pet Chicken From Hell

angry woman throws bowl of meat on the ground (funny)

Shark Swallowed Whole during Deep-Sea Feeding Frenzy

Opossums Enjoying Bananas

Vox: The new US tax law, explained with cereal


How To Cook A Cheap Steak Vs. An Expensive Steak

Mystic95Z says...

Yep, no marinades here too when cooking a good cut of beef. My fav is a nice grilled Porterhouse. About the only thing I marinate is beef strips i've cut up from a roast to dry for beef jerky.

RFlagg said:

I really dislike marinades. I want the steak. Pure. Simple.

I like Ribeye, but there ends up being so much thick fat cut to the side, that I feel I got ripped off, and my 12 oz steak is basically an 8 oz worth of edible meat, while the New York Strip gives more meat for the buck, and if done properly is normally good enough.

Kitty... You Hungry?

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