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The moment when you dedicate your life to revenge

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Low-Fat Foods Are Making You Fatter - Adam Ruins Everything

The history of tea - Shunan Teng

Juicero - The 400 Dollar Ripoff Startup

Alton Brown's Blind Taste Test: Italian Beef Sandwich

How illegal is making pot brownies in Texas? This illegal...

If The Meat Industry Was Honest - Honest Ads

Colbert has a license to sell hot dogs

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RHNB-Jaw Breaker

Girlfriend takes dumb to a whole new level

MrFisk says...

"If you give a man a slice of pizza, you feed him for a meal.
But if you teach a woman to slice a pizza into twelve slices, you'll feed her for a day and a half." -- Sun Tzu?

gozadon said:

So, why not just show her a different way of thinking about it, teach her, instead of making fun of her?

Fighting Food Waste on the Border

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