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Flippy the Burger Flipping Robot at CaliBurger Pasadena

Cat Owners Try Cat Food

Fairbs says...

I feel bad that my cat has to eat the same food pretty much his entire life, but he sure seems to get excited about it around dinner time and if I switch it up on him he gets the shits so there's that

I'm just a cook.

L.A.’s Best Indian Food Is in This Gas Station

How Food-Bots Are Changing How We Eat | Robots & Us | WIRED

Parquet Courts - Stoned And Starving (Live on KEXP)

Binging with Babish: Bob's Burgers

Fairbs says...

just don't eat it well done with ketchup or I'll disown you

newtboy said:

My mom wants it to still be mooing. I guess I rebelled, because I like med-well, to the horror of all my Texan relatives.

As for black garlic, make your own, then you know it's done right! It only takes a few weeks according to google.

Taco Tuesday

It Needs A Little More Time

LiquiGlide: Nonstick Coatings Leave Zero Waste Behind

Fairbs says...

I'd assume that the waste is worth more than the cost of the stuff that makes it come out so the consumer would 100% be willing to pay the added cost.

The companies make less because of no waste so they would logically resist this.

How It's Made - McDonald's Fries

Fairbs says...

check out how they make mcnuggests, but not if you're eating

artician said:

I've always wondered this, and imagined a pit of mash that was just formed into fry-shapes.

Am I overly cynical that I still don't believe this? Here's video footage of the process, but my distrusting, questioning mind still adds "supposedly" to its assessment of everything I see here.

joe rogan on game of thrones and vegans

Brand Name vs. Generic

Fairbs says...

I worked in a bread factory briefly and we put the same white bread into about 15 different bags and with a swing in price points of about 50 cents. This was about 25 years ago so the swing is probably more like a dollar or more in todays terms.

The ground fridge

How to scale fish in seconds if you have a pressure washer

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