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Fire Department Coffee

Steak boiled in 300 degree butter - Korean street food


C-note says...

There's a little something I noticed as this video progresses. I don't want to give spoilers.

Also Disney's huge turkey legs have finally been dethroned.

Zawash (Member Profile)

Khachapuri Is The Best Drunk Food You’ve Never Heard Of

Piece of Bread falling over

C-note says...

I met a couple trek legends at the Star Trek Convention in Cleveland back in 1986. It was nothing like the spectacle modern conventions have become. I'm so sad we did not have cell phones with cameras back then. We stood in line just to get autographs.

It would have been hilarious if you did say "Bridge".

BSR said:

My last con was Magnum Opus Con in 1989 when I rode in an elevator with Nichelle Nichols. To my regret, when the elevator doors closed I should have said "Bridge."

Bee Man Vs Column Full Of Bees

Ben's Burgers - Back Open

Are you ready for this? Carolina Reaper Challenge.

How It's (actually) Made - Pre Packaged Sandwiches

God damnit Chug.

Girl Catches a Huge Catfish ...


GIANT 15 Ft. Great White Shark Bites Chum Bag

oritteropo (Member Profile)

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