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The history and virtues of eating pigeon meat

newtboy (Member Profile)

Buttle says...

thanks. I think this is one of the best on youtube.

newtboy said:

I got hooked on this series about 6 months ago and binge watched it from the beginning. It's a great introduction to ship building, and one hell of a project.
It's not exactly right to call it a restoration, there's hardly any of the original wood left in it. I think in the end there's going to be the transom and lead keel left, everything else being replaced including the dozens of huge iron, now polished brass, castings and thousands of custom copper rivets.
*promote a *quality series

Ancient cat video

newtboy (Member Profile)

Pass The Pepper: Social Distancing is Nothing to Sneeze At

Buttle says...

I'm thinking this one is actually Heath Robinson, and *british.

moonsammy said:

I actually found myself laughing out loud a couple times. Pretty impressive for a Rube Goldberg video!

lucky760 (Member Profile)

The Oldest Fast Food Restaurant in the East End

Buttle says...

Looks delicious. Eels are one of those foods like oysters, that used to be dirt cheap but, due to overfishing and pollution, are pretty expensive now.

This Dish Could Kill You

Buttle says...

Feseekh is traditionally eaten especially during Shem el Nessim (smelling the breezes, same day as Coptic Easter). I first encountered it in my uncles house in Cairo -- I thought a rat must have died in his wall, but no, that was what was for dinner, and a smell very unlike breezes. A taste that I failed to acquire.

Where Brazil Nuts Come From - Weird Fruit Explorer Ep 207

Buttle says...

One of my former cow-orkers, who grew up in Malaysia, told me that when he was young his father was walking through the woods and was hit in the head by a falling Brazil nut -- he came to hours later, and was wicked late for dinner. He described the fruit as having nuts like sectors of an orange.

Nice to see them in fact.

oritteropo (Member Profile)

Ordering 4 flaming Greek cheeses at the same time

Buttle says...

That doesn't mean one shouldn't laugh. The damage is done, might as well enjoy it when you can.

jmd said:

Nice text book presentation of "sprinkler" water, or the really nasty stuff that sits in the pipes for years because it only moves when the sprinkler system finally goes off. You can easily see the spray starts out black and the ceiling has black marks left from the initial spray. These guys wouldn't be laughing much after this as they find their cloths now have an irremovable deathly smell.

newtboy (Member Profile)

Fruits and vegetables before and after domestication

I had no idea cats liked bread this much

Buttle (Member Profile)

Buttle says...

I was educated in chemical engineering (bailed out of a PhD). Currently I work in embedded software.

poolcleaner said:

I've seen you post a lot of science related comments here on the sift. What is your professional role in the sciences?

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