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siftbot says...

Congratulations on reaching new heights on VideoSift. You have earned yourself 20 stars, earning you status of Bronze Star member. You have been awarded 1 Power Point for achieving this level. Thanks for all your contributions.

Krupo says...

That's exactly what I meant, thanks - if there's any other clips people should see from way back when feel free to leave a note - you can leave them here too:

There used to be a tool to directly recommend inclusion but they took that off, leaving the "comments" box as the lone dedicated spot. Thanks!

In reply to this comment by ashes2flames:
I'm not sure how you intended this .. I saw the mention of "100-gold star sifters who want a pool of worthy videos" but I was digging through old sifts tonight and would love to see this promoted:
Thanks for considering it. Sorry if I misunderstood what you had in mind.

In reply to this comment by Krupo:
>> ^dag:
^ that's an interesting idea. It makes me think that we could also somehow reward members for "resifting" old gems.


I welcome all suggestions.

kronosposeidon says...

I'm going to ask dag or lucky how to proceed with this one, but I'm leaning towards a * ban.

In reply to this comment by ashes2flames:
I gotta tell ya man .. it's really depressing when this guy get's as many votes for this:
as I do for the first ever screen test of Marlon Brando ..
especially considering this:
and this:
and the fact that he is obviously a sock puppet for MrFisk or at the very least someone who is voting for his vids based on who he is rather than what he submits. And who MrFisk votes for also.
Ya know?

schmawy says...

If Ffox ever does that to you again, Hit Ctrl+TAB to switch to the other tab. Computers is fancy! I gotta figure out how to fix that page. Y'know do the thumnail videos like on the regular VideoSift pages. Glad you enjoyed.

In reply to this comment by ashes2flames:
Oh I got to check it out .. it was hilarious! Great post. I was a captive audience too. I could scroll up and down and read everything etc .. but Firefox wouldn't let me leave that tab.

In reply to this comment by schmawy:
Yeah, that's a bit much for one page apparently. Changed the link, and dded a bunch of 'expand' tags. Best viewed from the link below.

mintbbb says...

No problem, I just got frustrated because I thought I searched left and right before submitting and didn't find anything.. Just shows that I need to be more diligent! =) Thanks for letting me early, I am way more happier to discard right away rather than after 10+ votes =)

In reply to this comment by ashes2flames:
Sorry about that! Dupes happen .. I've had to discard a few of my own. To be honest the sift doesn't really catch them too well through the Submit process. I usually just search using the regular search before I bother start submitting.

swampgirl says...

Yay, thanks. I forgot about that one.. I just tried to bring it back As much as everyone really loves him, there's a particular threshold to getting the Shatner sifts through.

Fun playlist you got there

In reply to this comment by ashes2flames:
I've begun my L.C.A.R.S. playlist and since you're such a devoted Shatner fan I thought I'd share.
I doubt there's any Shatner vids there you aren't aware of but maybe there's some Star Trek ones.
Hope you don't mind me adding the shatner kissing clip from your discard pile!

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